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APIs for your DID Providers

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Can APIs Help my VoIP Business?

APIs for your DID Providers can set up your VoIP organization by combining services and products to provide one consistent carrier to clients. This might be visible as trouble. This isn’t always a hassle. However, it’s the main gain for VoIP commercial organizations that allow them to pick out their carriers. The significant improvement to a VoIP industrial organization is the liberty to choose its providers. This permits you to manipulate your costs more correctly and will increase the leisure of what you provide.

APIs for your DID Providers

Your DIDs (the variety of smartphones that you use to send VoIP visitors) is vital for your commercial enterprise. Clients may join you to get their DID inventories, which allow them to select the excellent phone. Customers often choose to use more than one number to ensure they have a presence in high-profile places. These cellphone numbers may used to generate recurring sales by using your corporation, regardless of if you a multilocation agent and grandparent who desires to live in contact with your family individuals overseas.

It may be very smooth to deliver your DID range. A Softswitch may needed to gain those blessings. A Platform that gives APIs that allow you to DID organization. Telinta is an online switching corporation that offers billing offerings and billing solutions. Telinta gives customers direct access to their TeliCoreTM Manager interface. Then they can connect with DID vendors. They can then use any DIDs that they have bought through our offerings.


Customers might granted entry to all DIDs if they see your DID inventory. A few providers may also to had. Telinta APIs are a great way to provide blended stock to customers.Our APIs can also used for DID carriers. DID carriers will now not buy DIDs and pay for them until they are requested with the aid of their customers. This “really needed” method will let you control your spending. Telinta white label solutions will assist you, or your reps sell  Virtual Numbers. DIDs can also purchased wholesale via VoIP carriers. This is feasible through our portals on the net and an easy real-time invoice. Telinta allows clients to invoice both for pay as you go or postpaid usage.

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